The Environmental Water Trust will work with the support of both government and NGO organisations.


Piggery Lake ,Yanga before environmental watering. James Maguire. Photo courtesy RiverBank DECCW NSW


Piggery Lake, Yanga after an environmental watering event. James Maguire. photo courtesy RiverBank, DECCW NSW











  Water Trust Alliance

The Environmental Water Trust has joined the Water Trust Alliance, an informal association of non-government public interest entities of differing legal structures, generally described as water trusts, established to acquire interests in water for environmental and conservation objectives throughout Australia. The Alliance is to be an umbrella forum for member water trusts and not an operating entity itself, with purposes which include:-

  1. Promote the role, acceptance and credibility of community/public interest/NGO water trusts as a viable dimension of environmental water management throughout Australia.
  2. Develop constructive associations for water trusts with all three levels government, landowners, business and community groups to optimise the effectiveness of environmental water management.
  3. Develop the Alliance as a peak body co-ordinating information on water trust models, water entitlements and interests for trust acquisition and effective mechanisms for management of those interests.
  4. Identify opportunities for water trusts and direct those to the most appropriate member.
  5. Assist in identifying potential donor sources both within the philanthropic and corporate sectors and facilitating proposals to them.

Australian Floodplain
The Australian Floodplain Association is a non-government  organisation that was formed in 1995 to protect the rivers, floodplains and wetlands for the people who rely on them for their livelihood. The key aim of the Association is to preserve and restore the ecological health and productivity of the floodplains of Australia. The Association supports the establishment of the Environmental Water Trust and valued our assistance on the Warrego.

Inland Rivers Network
Inland Rivers Network is a coalition of environment groups and individuals concerned about the degradation of the rivers, wetlands and groundwaters of the Murray-Darling Basin. Since 1991 the Network has advocated for the conservation of biological diversity in these environments, the maintenance of essential ecosystem functions and the restoration of degraded habitats.